European Oenogastronomic Brotherhoods Council




As President of the Organising Committee, it is both a pleasure and a privilege to welcome you to the 9th European Congress of Wine and Gastronomy Confraternities which will be taking place in Albufeira, Portugal, from 4th to 6th November 2011.

A Congress is not only a place where the present and the future, Confraternities and their members, gastronomy and wines come together; it is above all a place where people meet and socialise, true to CEUCO’s motto “AMICITIA, CONFRATERNITAS, FIDELITAS”. Such moments add an extra something that cannot be recreated by reading an article about wine or food.

I am sure that you will all accept our cordial invitation to make this congress another great coming together of the world of the confraternities.
Together we can decide on the path to follow and do so in the best possible manner.

CEUCO and the Confraternity of Gastronomes of the Algarve will do everything they can to make this Portuguese and Algarve Congress into an inspiring occasion.

Portugal and the Algarve are also a land of the sea and a region of the sun. I can assure you that the people of Portugal and the Algarve will welcome you with true feeling and hospitality. But I must warn you that I read somewhere that the Algarve and its stories of enchanted Moorish maidens leave no one unmoved. Once you’ve been there, you keep wanting to go back! I am looking forward to welcoming you to the Algarve, in the name of CEUCO and the Confraternity of Gastronomes of the Algarve. To everyone, my best wishes for an unforgettable and pleasant stay in the Algarve.

José Manuel Alves
President of the Organising Committee

PROGRAMME - XVII Congress, Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal

CEUCO, an institution that promotes the agricultural, culinary and tourist values of different regions in Europe, thereby maintaining their traditions

“The culinary habits of a region are the best way to find out about its cultural heritage. Preferences in food reflect the natural possibilities of a region, the traditions of the people living there and their cooking methods”.

Such traditions and cooking methods can be regarded as ways of knowing, doing and creating and are thus related to the concept of non-material cultural heritage.

It is this heritage that CEUCO, through its enogastronomic confraternities, defends and promotes, informing people about these customs and the areas they come from.

If we have to define what the confraternities are, we can say that they are “organisations that promote a country’s gastronomic heritage”.

As such, they are the living history of a gastronomic and cultural past, in an increasingly globalised world in which each people struggles to retain its identity.

Apart from being part of our heritage, gastronomy is today regarded as an excellent tourist product, allowing a strategy to be reinforced for helping to promote local produce and a region’s range of gastronomy outlets.

When we refer to gastronomy as a product and mention its promotion worldwide, we are talking about an “industry” that promotes the country abroad, taking with it an image of each region.

The study of tourism and its relationship with gastronomy are decisive factors in this product’s importance for constructing an image of the country, in the mind of potential tourists as well as in the mind of tourists who have already visited the country and will continue to do so because of the gastronomy on offer.

Thanks to the recognition of regional gastronomy as a tourist attraction and the efforts of CEUCO in promoting quality agricultural and food products, these Congresses, supported by the corresponding local Public Administrations, and by the Agriculture and Tourism authorities, make a valuable contribution to the development of every region and every country.

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