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  • Organização: CEUCO/Confraria dos Gastrónomos do Algarve


European events. Annual congresses

The European Council of Confreries (CEUCO) is a non-profit European Organisation, whose purpose are the promotion and defence of the agrofood, wines and gastronomy of quality of the respective countries of the European Union where exists Confréries or Associations with these same purposes, keeping the historical legacy of the habits of the respective villages, regions or regions, and valuing the territories for the increase of the knowledge and tourism, with the prupose to avoid the disappearance of traditions around the culture of our wines and gastronomy avoiding, in the possible, the globalisation.

Actually CEUCO, is composed by eight countries (Spain, France, Italy, Portugal – that were the countries founders) – and Estonia, Hungary, Great Britain and Greece.

CEUCO celebrates an annual European Congress in one of the countries of the Organisation, where present for his taste and promotion, the characteristic products of the respective countries participants and are contributed by the present confréries, cellars associated, Food companys, or organisations that work jointly with CEUCO as they are determined Chambers of Commerce.

Like this as the annual Congress is the more important meeting that celebrates CEUCO in an European region, in which it puts in value, by means of the communications or speeches, the investigations that have gone doing along time and is an ideal place to share with the respective Institutions the alimentary and gastronomic quality of the distinct places of Europe.

Until today have realised the following Congresses:

07 e 08 de novembro de 2003 - Parlamento Europeo de Bruselas - Bélgica
06 e 07 de novembro de 2004 - Palacio de Congresos de Valencia - España
12 e 13 de novembro de 2005 - Verona Fiere (Verona) - Italia
10,11 e 12 de novembro de 2006 - Centro de Congresos de Alfandega (Porto) - Portugal
09,10 e 11 de novembro de 2007 - Complejo Turístico Chandris (Ilha de Corfú) - Grecia
07,08 e 09 de novembro de 2008 - Palacio de Congresos de Levico Terme (Trento) - Italia
06,07 e 08 de novembre de 2009 - Cambados – Santiago de Compostela - España
05,06 e 07 de novembro de 2010 - Cité Mondiale Centre des Congrès de Bordeaux - Francia
04,05 e 06 de novembro de 2011 - Resort Real Santa Eulália (Albufeira) - Portugal
06,07 e 08 de Julho de 2012 - Concert Hall of Vanemuine de Tartu - Estonia
28,29 e 30 de junho de 2013 - Centro de Congresos Kodály de Pécs - Hungría
06,07 e 08 de novembro de 2014 - Palais des Congrès de Liège - Bélgica
20,21 e 22 de novembro de 2015 - Palais des Congrès de Perpignan - Francia
04,05 e 06 de novembro de 2016 - Auditorio de Boa Nova – Cascais e Oeiras - Portugal
24,25 e 26 de novembro de 2017 - Córdoba (Parador de la Arruzafa) - España
19,20 e 21 de outubro de 2018 - Zappeion (Megaron) de Atenas - Grecia

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